For painful body joints or muscles
Use frozen peas in polythene bags as they act like small iceballs and help in giving a good massage.

Sore throat?
Drinking a glass of milk in which 1 tsp. Turmeric powder has been added and boiled will relieve and cure a sore throat.

Suffering from bad breath?
Chewing on “saunf” makes your breath fresh and removes strong odors.

Stomach ache due to dehydration ?
Chew betel leaves with a few rock salt crystals. It gives immediate relief.

Cure for diarrhea
Have � tsp. To one teaspoon of homemade ghee with a few granules of sugar and juice of black currents soaked overnight in water in the morning. The ghee-sugar mixture and currant juice, can be taken once a day.

Have honey for an itchy throat
Having honey will relieve the itchiness as it moisturizes the throat passage and has curative properties.

Bite a clove to ease a toothache
Biting on a clove or rubbing clove oil on the tooth cavity itself will relieve the pain.

Painful gums and bleeding teeth ?
Apply a powdered mixture of 500g. of green guava peel with 10g. Each of alum, black pepper and black salt on your teeth twice a day and this will provide relief in less than a week.

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